Class: Overlap

Phaser.Component. Overlap

new Overlap()

The Overlap component allows a Game Object to check if it overlaps with the bounds of another Game Object.

src/gameobjects/components/Overlap.js line 12



Checks to see if the bounds of this Game Object overlaps with the bounds of the given Display Object, which can be a Sprite, Image, TileSprite or anything that extends those such as Button or provides a getBounds method and result.

This check ignores the hitArea property if set and runs a getBounds comparison on both objects to determine the result.

Therefore it's relatively expensive to use in large quantities, i.e. with lots of Sprites at a high frequency. It should be fine for low-volume testing where physics isn't required.

Name Type Description
displayObject Phaser.Sprite | Phaser.Image | Phaser.TileSprite | Phaser.Button | PIXI.DisplayObject

The display object to check against.

src/gameobjects/components/Overlap.js line 29

True if the bounds of this Game Object intersects at any point with the bounds of the given display object.


phaser-ce@2.20.0 is on GitHub and NPM

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