Namespace: PhaserGlobal


You can create a PhaserGlobal object to recycle Phaser's AudioContext or change certain settings.

window.PhaserGlobal = {}; // empty; Phaser will save Phaser.SoundManager#context here
// or
window.PhaserGlobal = {
  disableAudio: true,
  hideBanner: true,
Name Type Argument Description
audioContext AudioContext <optional>

Phaser will save the AudioContext being used for playback here

disableAudio boolean <optional>

Disable Phaser.SoundManager (noAudio)

disableWebAudio boolean <optional>

Use Audio Tags instead of Web Audio

fakeiOSTouchLock boolean <optional>

Force touch unlocking of media

hideBanner boolean <optional>

Don't print the Phaser debug header in the console

stopFocus boolean <optional>

Don't call window.focus() when booting the game

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